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        1. 深圳市光比納通信有限公司





          Opneti founded in 1999, is a leading provider of passive optical components , designed mainly for telecommunication, CATV, FTTX,fiber laser and fiber sensor applications . Opneti designs and manufactures advanced and cost-effective passive components through our ISO 9001-certified facility in Shenzhen, China, the headquarter in Hongkong

          We design and manufacture both standard and custom components, and provide contract manufacturing solutions to our customers. Opneti product can be found all over the world.

          Opneti implements strict quality control management system, which covers every process from the product design, manufacturing, and marketing to the customer service. Cost effective, best quality and best service are always our goal.

          Quality Assurance

          "Quality is the first" is our principle,we promise life time guarantee for our fiber component, Opneti always take priority of its products reliability. Opneti quality system is ISO 9001 certificate.All of Opneti products match the relevant Bellicore standards and RoHS compliant.

          Global Sales & Service
          Opneti implements the global market strategy, Opneti supports clients from design prototype sampling to mass-production. Based on our experienced engineer teams, strong product developing ability, strict quality control systems,and mass production capacities,Opneti is ready to provide timely delivery for reliable products and best service to our customers. Opneti is actively pursuing the cooperation with you and desires to be your trustworthy partner.


          網    址:http://www.opneti.com
          地    址:深圳市寶安石巖塘頭南崗第三工業區9棟5樓(郵編):518101
          電    話:0-13510767160

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